3.2: Customize your sole


We have 6 available welting types:

1) Welted - most common style

2) Dense-welted ("stuffolt") - same as welted, but much more stitches

3) Blake-stitched (hidden sewing) - most shoemakers do it by machine, we are one of the few, that make them only by hand. You can see the irregular hand-stitches after removing the insoles from the shoes. Recommended for pure, minimal and modern style models.

4) 3 row Goiser (360° or 270°, so stitches all around the shoes, or just from heel to heel) - recommended for classical models like Budapester

5) 2 row Goiser (360° or 270°, so stitches all around the shoes, or just from heel to heel) - recommended for classical models like Budapester

6) San-remo chainsewn - rare stitching type

+1: wooden nailed construction for lower prices (only for order), optically same as blake/hidden stitchin, however no any stitches anywhere



Sole Thickness

 We use high quality leather soles with 3 different sole thickness:

1) normal leather sole, recommended for most models, moderate durability and flexibility (8-9 mm)

2) thin leather sole for lighter, flexible, casual shoes, but least durable (5-7 mm)

3) double leather sole for classic and most durable ones, however such thick soles may be little bit more rigid, than thin or normal soles. (10-12 mm) 



Sole protection options

- We always recommend for our customers to order the sole with rubber inlay. It can cover the whole sole, or carved and sunk in it. It avoids slippery, the sole will be much more durable and it's faster, easier and cheaper to change it than repairing a worn leather sole. Depending on walking style and usage they usually need to be replaced every 0,5-1 year.

- We don't use side to side rubber fronts-soles, because they come off the leather sole too easy.

- Vibram soles are also available


Sole design options



Waist options



Toe Protection options

- For pointed shoe a common request is the metal or rubber tip which protects the front sole.

- Metal plate is the most durable and decorative option, however some customers don't like the slight sound of it, so we offer rubber option also, which has no any sound when walking.


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