7: Shoecare

  • You should wear your new shoes only for a few hours by the first few occasions. Thus the shoes have time to adapt to your feet, and you can get used to them.
  • Breaking in your new shoes can take even 2 weeks, depending on the leather type
  • Always use shoehorn!
  • Never keep your shoes near heat source!
  • You should have one day off for your shoes, before wearing them again, this way your shoes have time to "regenerate" on the shoetrees. Thus you can provide a much longer lifetime to your shoes. When your shoes soak from water, please keep this rule every time. In such case dry your shoes laid on the side with shoetrees in them. 
  • Whenever you don't wear your shoes, use the shoetrees, but after removing them from your feet, wait half to one hour before appliing them. 
  • Please don't use liquid quick-polishers with the sponge on the end, but only dense polishers with high wax content. You should apply them only in every 2 weeks, meantime you can maintain the shine by using cotton cloth.
  • Never use any polishers on stingray leathers! On speacial leathers use only exotic leather spray.
  • Whenever the sole or heel rubber inlays gets worn, please don't wear your shoes, but bring them back to us for repairing to avoid damage of the leather sole!
  • If you won't wear your shoes for a longer period, please place shoetrees in them and keep in their bags after polishing them.

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