"This last is very comfortable. I have a high arch and medium width feet but I prefer shoes that are not very snug. This last is perfect it's like a bespoke last. And it is very appropriate for this kind of model - a sturdy derby goyser. The leather is also very nice. It reminds me of Russian leather. They are nice shoes. And your price is very competitive. For 400 euro one can get a C&J Handgrade which is a inferior construction and leather. Congratulation for the craftsmanship :). Good work!" by MC @ 09.06.2016


„My shoes have arrived and I'm very impressed and I can't wait to give them a mirror shine. I've had **** before and while they are good shoes, I honestly think you guys are better :) Will certainly order more from you in the future and recommend Rozsnyai to my friends.” by SL @ 08.06.2017


"Biiiiiiig thanks I really appreciate everything you have done for me with your wife, as I told her many people need to learn from your company how to do business. It is really nice to see that you really care about your brand name and also your customers." by RH @ 01.06.2018


„I received the shoes. They are bigger in form (last) than I was expecting, but the Budapest is a bulky last. Plus, the double sole makes them look wider and bigger. For me, it looks like a Hungarian shoe so I am very happy. The Cordovan looks great. More important than anything, they feel comfortable already. I will break them in more but for the one hour around the apartment they felt great!! Thank you very very much.” by BC @ 02.05.2017


"I'm very satisfied with the shoes. Thank you." by JC @ 07.06.2018


„I have received my new pair of shoes. They really look great! I have already worn them for nearly a whole working day and the fit is already quite good so in two weeks the two of us will be used to each other. So thanx for the great work!” - by MH @ 09.02.2018


"Dear Eniko,
I wanted to let you know that I’ve had a good chance to wear the new boots around and the fit is really excellent. Perhaps some of the best fitting shoes that I own.
Thank you so much for your attention to making the changes I needed. And the design turned out perfectly. I’m very impressed with the craftsmen’s ability to create just what I asked for.
Thank you! And I’ll look forward to placing an order again soon."
by WL @ 15.06.2018


"And the shoes are exceptional, young and traditional with a personal note - refreshing and an enrichment for hand made shoes." by KS @ 24.12.2017


" They look very nice. Goyser is like a tank! I will soon review them. I had experienced Hungarian shoes from Vass and Buday but this pair have a particular feel of handmade. And the color of the leather is nicer than color in the photos that you have send me." by MC @ 06.06.2016


„I love the shoes.  The fit is great, and they look wonderful.”  by TO'C @ 28.02.2018


"I recieved the shoes. Thanks a lot, now the fit seems great out of the box. How would I proceed with the future orders..." by MK @ 04.10.2017



"My shoes arrived !! WOW - fantastic beautiful finish!!" by JHS @ 13.10.2017



„I received the shoes about a week ago and have been wearing them every day. They are superb!” by LK @ 20.10.2015


"I received my shoes last week or so. They are perfect - everything I hoped they would be. George confirms the quality is excellent. Could I please order my second pair?" - by AB @ 17.05.2016


„Thx for the shoes. Everything is well and looks like very good. So nice and stylish. Thx for the nice and good parcel with gifts.”  by FH @ 05.10.2017


"In 2012 with my friends I was in the city, and there was some nice shopping in your shop (photo in attachment) ;)" - by JFSZ @ 21.05.2016


„The shoes arrived today. They fit much better and are absolutely beautiful- well worth the wait. Thank you so much for all your help." by AL @ 14.12.2017


„I received my shoes. They are magnificent! I look forward to wearing them and I will follow the instructions that are included.

Thank you!!” - by SS @ 20.06.2017


„Yes I have received the shoes. Everything is fine. I attach one picture as proof of my satisfaction :)” by BR @ 24.02.2018


"I have received the shoes and they fit perfectly. Your craftsman has done a great job." by JQ @ 05.06.2016


„Thanks for the message ,the shoes look amazing. A big thankyou to everybody involved in the process!” by JF @ 08.11.2016


„I just received my shoes today and they are fantastic.  I'm very pleased, thank you for your assistance and hard work.  I love them.  Please let me know how I may order another pair.  Thanks again!”  by JM @ 25.01.2018


"The replacement shoes are well received (please see the pics enclosed). Love the smell and could not be anymore happier with them =) Once again, thank you very much for you and Sandor’s professional handling of the matter and I’m looking forward to my next purchase." by SL @ 14.04.2018